The Cumby Report

 Chris, Yvonne, Erica, Lisa and Lindsey

Chris, Yvonne, Erica, Lisa and Lindsey

This past weekend I had the pleasure of joining fellow Dwellers on the beautiful trails of Cumberland. The following couple of paragraphs are not so much about my own experience, which featured a fair amount of suffering, but about the event itself. I hope you enjoy. 

I'd like to say first that this was a well run event. The volunteers were friendly, helpful and always smiling. Race package pick up was quick and efficient, and the big trail map displayed was very helpful in understanding the lay of the land. The race started promptly with plenty of fanfare and the trails were extremely well marked. There was never a moment I didn't feel confident knowing where I was going. The aid stations were well stocked with drinks and fruit were lacking, in my opinion, anything salty that was not bacon. As a vegetarian (and meat eating friends agree) I'd have appreciated chips or pretzels as an alternative. Other than that one "complaint" end to end this race was just fantastic. Big thumbs up.

As for the actual trails, I give them rave reviews! Fun. Fast. Flowing. That probably best describes the gorgeous single track route we ran. Of the 25 km I did probably 90%  of the sections were incredibly fun, the rest were easy to bop along service roads between trail systems. I just can't say enough positive things about the trails, they were right up my alley. Runnable, rolling, technical...FUN. 

 One of the outstanding views along the way.

One of the outstanding views along the way.

My watched gave me approx 650 m elevation gain on the 25 km route, and I finished with 24.13 km in distance. So a little shy of 25 km. 

Post race food was (from what I hear, I didn't eat myself) excellent. Especially rave reviews for the hot soups that were available. If you asked me I'd say they were missing coffee but there was both hot and cold Chai tea IF you get in early enough to get some.  There was a lot of other choices making the post race offerings more than adequate in my books. 

Five reason's I'd do The Cumby 25 km again in 2019:

  1. single track trail heaven
  2. well organized 
  3. affordable
  4. beautiful scenery
  5. redemption (I ran this year feeling less than 100%, I want a do-over.)

If you have thought about doing The Cumby, I highly encourage you to sign up for next years race. The secret it out, those trails MUST be run!!!