Kyle Weagant

Run Leader Bio - Kyle Weagant


In 2014, Kyle’s New Year’s Resolution was to quit smoking ... which he did successfully. He also decided to get back into running, something he'd enjoyed in the past, so he signed up for the Esquimalt 5k and used that race as motivation to train. After the race was over, Kyle was hooked and followed that event with TC 10k, the Oak Bay Half Marathon, and the Victoria Marathon in same year. Kyle’s marathon training went so well he decided to up the challenge; he entered the Orcas Island 50k while telling himself “it's only 8k more than a marathon.”

After the marathon, Kyle switched to the trails to begin his Orcas 50k training, and got quite a reality check, especially as he made his way up Mt. Finlayson for the first time. Trails and roads ... not the same thing at all! 

Since 2014, Kyle has completed trail races ranging in distance from 8k to 100k in BC, Washington, and Oregon, and never tires of the challenge and beauty each trail offers.

"Victoria is blessed with some of the most beautiful trails, and I am happy to be joining the Forest Dwellers to share some of my favourites with you."

We are pleased to add Kyle Weagant as one of our Summer trail run leaders and look forward to many hours on the trails with his good humor, experience, and guidance.