Summer Safety Kits 101

In this post you'll find tips on what to carry in your Summer safety kits! 


Being prepared on the trails should be your first thought before any run. Before heading out the door the "what if" questions should be covered. What if I fall, get lost, find an injured runner, see a bear... Whether you are heading out for 60 mins or a few hours, please consider the following pointers. There isn't a need to take unnecessary chances when being organized and safe can be so simple, cost so little and weigh next to nothing in your pack.  

A Fully Charged Cell Phone
For most runs in the Victoria area cell service is pretty decent making calls for help possible. Communication can only happen if you have battery life on your phone, before heading out be sure your phone is FULLY charged. While running avoid using your phone for anything but minimal battery use items. Being able to call for help, send out GPS info to searchers or map access make cell phones one of the top safety items to carry with you. Even if you are the type of person who hits the trails to escape the "plugged in" world, take your phone, it could save your life. 

First Aid Kit
Your kit doesn't have to be huge to be extremely useful. A small water proof baggie with basic items like a tensor bandage, butterfly clips, safety pins, a few band-aids of varying sizes, disinfectant wipes, bee sting pads, Advil and Tylenol, tweezers, latex gloves, gauze pads, antibiotic ointment, irrigation syringe, medical tape, Tums or similar for tummy troubles, and blister care. You can fit a lot into a small bag and it doesn't weigh a thing.

Safety Items
Some small but valuable items you should toss into your pack in a water proof bag.

  • Fully charged headlamp, especially for evening runs.
  • Waterproof matches and/or a lighter for an emergency fire (less likely or allowed in the Summer but better safe than sorry.)
  • Hang a whistle where it can be easily reached to call out to fellow runners or to warn off wildlife.
  • BC is bear country so a can of bear spray and knowledge on it's use is recommended - especially in more remote areas. 
  • A small pocket knife/utility tool
  • Large size trash bag, makes a great emergency rain coat or waterproof cover
  • Sun Screen - travel size or squeeze some into a baggie

There may be many other things you could carry but my goal was to provide you with some basics items and why they are useful. We all like to feel invincible, that thought makes us feel safe, but remember it may not be you who falls or is lost making the items in your pack important to someone else. 

You will never regret being prepared, you will definitely regret the one time you are not. 

Happy Trails