"Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try."

- Michael Jordan

Run Leaders

BC Forest Dwellers have two experienced and knowledgeable run leaders, Holland Gidney and Jerry Hughes. Our run program is organized by group owner/manager Lindsey Millar. 

Along with our run leaders we also guest leaders for our Sunday long run adventures up and down the island. Our guest leaders are always happy to share new routes as well as their knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport of trail and ultra distance running. 

Register for our Summer Sessions (May 30 - Sept 02) 


Lindsey Millar - Forest Dwellers Group Organizer/Coach

Lindsey is a 4x 50 km finisher (Elk/Beaver, Finlayson Arm 50 km, Diez Vista 50 km, Puddle Jumper Classic) as well as an experienced Running Coach. With a deep love for the trails and the people who run them Lindsey started the Forest Dwellers run group to share and promote the sport of trail and ultra distance running to local runners of all levels and speeds.

Lindsey plans and organizes the Forest Dwellers group runs to fit the needs of our runners training for local and out of town trail races. We have runners doing ultra distances as well as those who do shorter distances races. All are welcome. Our goal is to provide two great sessions a week that will fit into most athletes training program.

For more information on coaching program, group runs or our schedule please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions.  Email: lindsey@bcforestdwellers.com


Holland Gidney - Sunday/Wednesday Run Leader

With multiple wins and top 5 ultra distance finishes Holland brings speed, skill and experience to every Sunday long run she leads.  Holland began leading long runs for us in the Summer of 2017, she's been with us since our first group long run. Holland recently placed 4th woman over all at the Orcas 50 km event! A lovely person, a wonderful run leader, someone happy to share her experience and knowledge and excellent route marker. 


Kyle Weagant - Sunday Run Leader

In 2014, Kyle’s New Year’s Resolution was to quit smoking ... which he did successfully. He also decided to get back into running, something he'd enjoyed in the past, so he signed up for the Esquimalt 5k and used that race as motivation to train. After the race was over, Kyle was hooked and followed that event with TC 10k, the Oak Bay Half Marathon, and the Victoria Marathon in same year. Kyle’s marathon training went so well he decided to up the challenge; he entered the Orcas Island 50k while telling himself “it's only 8k more than a marathon.”

After the marathon, Kyle switched to the trails to begin his Orcas 50k training, and got quite a reality check, especially as he made his way up Mt. Finlayson for the first time. Trails and roads ... not the same thing at all! 

Since 2014, Kyle has completed trail races ranging in distance from 8k to 100k in BC, Washington, and Oregon, and never tires of the challenge and beauty each trail offers.


Jerry Hughes - Run Leader

Jerry started running a few years ago and quickly went from road running to running on all surfaces.  In August 2016 Jerry ran his first 50 miler in Squamish and it was during that event he found his true passion. Since that race he has run multiple 100 mile events, 24 hour timed events (road and track) as well as a variety of distances in between. Jerry has placed in the top 10 in every race he's entered. Jerry is currently the Canadian National 100 km Champion! It was while prepping for, the Orcas 100 Mile that Jerry truly fell in love with the hills.  Yes, you can love hills! Jerry will be coaching the Forest Dwellers on Wednesday nights,  helping build our love of the up's and downs, improving our strength and technique.  He's excited to get to know you all and in sharing his knowledge help you chase your own racing goals and dreams.