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Caleb Pike Run, June 10, 2018

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Holland Gidney - Leading
We welcome the lovely and speedy Holland back this week! We'll be doing a local run Sunday starting from the Caleb Pike parking lot. Run will go into Gowlland Tod Park and be about 15 km and 3 hours (give or take depending on your speed.) Holland will lead and mark all the turns with flour. The usual sweepers are all at the Puddle Jumper Classic on the Sunshine Coast this weekend, myself included so Jeff my charming hubby will be sweeping. 

New Runners: Holland marks the turns to make, if no flour, don't turn off the trail you are on. We usually stick to main trails so staying on the right one is pretty easy.  ONLY turn off the trail you are on where you see the flour. Holland will do a little spiel before the run so everyone knows what's up. She's a great marker though and generally the routes are no problem to follow along with. 

Please note the start time for local runs (Sidney to Victoria) during the Summer will be 8 am. If we travel further out to Sooke or up the island then starting time will be 9 am. Times are clearly noted below for each run as are exact meeting locations with a Google map pin. 

Start time: 8 am
Distance: 15 km (approx)
Time: 3 Hours (approx)
Meeting Location: Caleb Pike Parking Lot

Drop in runners welcome, there is a $10 fee
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