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Full Monty, July 1, 2018

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Kyle Weagant - Leading
Speedy Kyle is back this week to lead us from Mt Work to Caleb and back. Known as the Full Monty route our run will be 20 km and about 900m of elevation gain. It's a good one including the stunning views at Jocelyn! 

We'll be heading out along the Timberline Trail to Jocelyn then heading down to Caleb and turning around at what will be the Rowntree Aid Station during the Finlayson Arm event. On our way back we'll skip Jocelyn by taking the lower loop, connect back up with Timberline, head down Cascade to the water and finally hit up the nice long climb up the McKenzie Bight Trail. If none of that makes sense no worries...Kyle is a top notch trail marker! 

Please note that run times are best guesses, you may be faster or slower than what is posted to please plan your nutrition and hydration accordingly. 

Start time: 8 am
Distance: 20 km (approx)
Time: 3:15-3:45 Hours (approx)
Meeting Location: Mt Work Lot

Drop in runners welcome, there is a $10 fee
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