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Welcome to BC Forest Dwellers. We are a Victoria trail and ultra distance running group. We are passionate about trail running, exploring and having fun while working hard. Our group consists of many running levels, from the speedy to not so speedy. Sunday long runs offer a run leader, trail sweepers and marked routes where necessary. Everyone runs their own pace without the worry of getting lost. Wednesday evenings we run all kinds of hills and offer practice on specifics such as steep technical climbs, road hill strength sessions, downhill focus and more. 

We welcome you. Any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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Fall Trail Running

Sept 5 - Nov 25
Night runs - Wednesdays (60 mins of fun with headlamps)
Long runs - Sundays (runs 90 mins to 2 hours approx)

Runs are suitable for new trail runners who'd like to join us. Watch the forests change seasons while enjoying incredible views with some of the nicest people you'll ever meet! 

Upcoming Run Schedule

Coaches and Run Leaders

Program planning, leadership and coaching.


Jerry Hughes

Wednesday night hill coach.


Holland Gidney

Sunday long run leader.


Lindsey Millar

Program planning, coaching, sweeping.

Run With Us

Join our Summer Run Sessions. We also welcome Drop In runners. 

Program Options

$150 - Both Weekly Runs
$120 - Sunday's Only
$50 - Hill Nights Only


Drop-in Rates

$10 - Sunday Long Runs
$5 - Wednesday Hill Nights



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